​L  Y  N  N  ' S

​             C  A  S  U  A  L

​                        K  I  T  C  H  E  N

​​​​C A T E R I N G  /  S E D O N A  AZ

​H O T  A P P E T I Z E R S:Typ

Baked Brie

​Mini Pizza Bites

Mini Crab Cakes

Stuffed Mushrooms


​Mini Tacos / Beef / Pork / Chicken / Fish

Breaded Chicken Strips (Dip of your choice)

Chicken Nuggets (Dip of your choice)

​Chicken Wings / Bbq / Teriyaki / Sweet & Sour / Hot

​Beef Sliders (Home made)

​Mini Meat Balls / Swedish / Bbq / Italian / Teriyaki / Sweet & Sour

​Little Smokies / Bbq / Italian / Teriyaki / Sweet & Sour

​Mini Quiche / Spinach / Mushrooms

Mini Quiche / Sausage / Cheddar

​Ham And Spinach Dip  /  French Baguette

Bean Dip / French Baguette

​Cheese Dip / French Baguette

Onion / Cheese Dip / Bread Bowl

Sausage Dip / French Baguette

​Pizza Dip / French Baguette

Caprese Dip / French Baguette

​Crab / Cheese  Dip / French Baguette

​Chilli Con Carne Dip / French Baguette

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C O L D    A P P E T I Z E R:

Chips and Salsa (Home Made Salsa)

Shrimp Ceviche 

Shrimp Cocktail  

Italian Bruschetta Bites

Italian Caprese Bites y

Deviled Eggs

Hummus Tray w/ crackers and veggies

Artichoke Dip / Crackers

Mini Quiche

Fresh  Smoked Salmon Bites

Meat Platter - a variety of cold cut meats 

Cheese Platter  

Vegetable Platter / Ranch Dip / Seasonal Veggies

Fruit Tray

Fruit Salad