​L  Y  N  N  ' S

​             C  A  S  U  A  L

​                        K  I  T  C  H  E  N

​​​​C A T E R I N G  /  S E D O N A  AZ


​​L  U  N  C  H


- French Dip

- Classic Club

- Ham & Cheese

- Grilled Cheese

​- Chicken or Turkey (open faced)

- Patty Melt

- Ruben

​- Tuna Melt


- Roast Beef

- Ham

- Turkey

- Pastrami

​- Grilled Chicken

- Italian


- Egg Salad

​- Grilled Chicken Cesar Wrap  ( Best Seller)


Lunch box includes:

​- Choice of sandwich or wrap  (1)

​- Choice of salad or fruits         (1)

​- Bag of chips                             (1)

​- Beverage                                  (1)

​- Chocolate Chip Cookie

​- Utensils (Plastic)


​- Fresh Spring Salad

- Cobb

- Chef

​- Cold Pasta Salad


Fried Chicken Buffet

​( Fried chicken, potato salad or mashed potato

  corn on the cob, fruit, chips and cookies)

Hamburger Buffet

​(Beef patties, cheese, buns, garnish tray, fruit, salad of your choice, fruit, chips and cookies)

Taco Buffet

​(Meet of your choice, taco shells hard and soft, garnish tray, cheese, sour cream, chips and salsa, Spanish rice, beans, cookies 


​B R E A K F A S T


​- Cheese Tray

​- Fruit Salad ( ambrosia or not)

- Fruit Tray

​- Whole Fruit

- Hard Boiled Eggs

​- Lox Bagels (Best Seller)

​(with cream cheese, chopped egg

​capers and red onions)

- Mini Croissants

- Mini Bagels

- Full Size Bagels

​- Muffin Pastries

​H O T   B R E A K F AST

​- Biscuits  and Gravy

​- Country Potatos

​(with red onions and bell peppers)

- Crustless Quiche (Fritta)

​(Meat/Bacon/Ham or Sausage

​Veggie with Spinach/Mushrooms/

​Bell Pepper and Onion)

​- French Toast

(Ham/Sausage or Bacon)

​- Huevos Rancheros

​- Pancakes


​- Cream Cheese

- Butter

- Jams of you choice

- Cream

- Sugar

​B E V E R A G E S

​- Coffee 

- Coffee decaf

​- Tea, regular or sun tea

- Apple Juice

- Cranberry Juice

- Orange Juice

- Grapefruit Juice

- Tomato Juice

- V 8

- Lemonade

- Soda

​- Bottled Water